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West Lake is considered as one of the best biking routes in China. To admire the beauty of West Lake, visitors can leisurely bike around the lake.

Here are five route ideas to enjoy the scenery:
1. West Lake Natural Scenic
2. Northern West Lake-Cultural and Scenic
3. Qianjiang River
4. Shili Langdan
5. Shang Shidai Village-Wuchaoshan Mountain

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boating, grand canal

boating, grand canal

Boating on the old canal is one of the best ways to get a riverside view of typical river towns in southern China. Starting from Pujia Wharf, the boat takes you along Gongchen Bridge Wharf.

At the same time, you can enjoy the surrounding scenery that features the following:
1. The newly built China Grand Canal Museum
2. Two landscape belts along the banks of the Grand Canal
3. West Lake Cultural Square
4. Grand Canal Cultural Square
5. Genshan Park
6. Qingsha Park
7. Beixing Park
8. Six bridge ports and 15 bridges

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  • Grand Canal, Hangzhou
boating, west lake

boating, west lake

Taking a short cruise on West Lake is a great idea of viewing the scenic landscape. There are many kinds of boats in the area, including large painted boats, small rowing boats and even self-rowing boats. The lake is 3 kilometres (2 miles) across and 15 kilometres (9 miles) wide. There are three causeways or bridges across the lake and three man-made islands, namely San Tang Yin Yue (Three Pools Mirroring the Moon), Huxin Ting (Mid-Lake Pavilion) and Ruan Dunhuanbi (Ruan’s Mound).

Types of yachts and boats:
1. Gaily painted pleasure boat
2. Medium yacht
3. Pint-sized yacht
4. Canoe or boat
5. Electric boat
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a: West Lake, Hangzhou

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  • West Lake, Hangzhou
golfing, fuchun resort

golfing, fuchun resort

The international standard 18-hole, 72-par golf course surrounds the entire resort, with fairways weaving players through tea plantations, past the lake and over rolling hills. This exclusive course, beautifully designed by Daniel J. Obermeyer, presents unique challenges for players of any skill level. Coaching and training facilities are also available.

Other facilities to enjoy are:
1. Dinging
2. Kids' park
3. Spa
4. Tennis resort
5. Swimming pool
6. Jogging path
7. Off-site tours to Fuyang

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  • 339 Jiangbin Dadao, Dongzhou Area, Fuyang District, Hangzhou
running with the night

running with the night

Running at night is a popular exercise practiced worldwide and is favourable in places like Hangzhou, which is blessed with pleasant sceneries that are even more serene when illuminated at nights. However, cursed the day may be with a sun that refuses to take a break, the night always offers solace to those who cannot bear the daytime in summer.



As one of China's most dynamic cities, Hangzhou is a shopping paradise for tourists and visitors from around the world. Known as “Pearl in the Yangtze River Delta”, Hangzhou is famous for producing excellent silk and satin. However, shopping in Hangzhou nowadays is no longer limited to local specialities such as silk, tea and lotus root starch. Many modern offerings are abundant and available in various shops, stores, supermarkets and plazas that crowd the commercial centre. Here are some information about shopping:

Local products and gifts:
1)Hangzhou silk
2)Hangzhou Longjing tea
3)Hangzhou Wangxingji paper fans
4)Xihu silk umbrellas

Pedestrian streets:
1)Hefang Street
2)Yan'an Road